Who We Are

We Provide Worldwide Charity Services for women, children and teenage girls

The birth of Fageli good health advocacy & lifestyle foundation came up February 2020. And her Flagg off first project was skill acquisition on cosmetics, production of liquid bath. She has some widows that she helps their families since 2012 , she invited them and also invited some widows from Jacob foundation to empower them with this skills. She invited The Assurance micro finance bank to give the women a small loan support. The pictures are the training program for liquid bath gel production.

On the 5th of April 2020 The Fageli Foundation with her team visited the beggars and the less privileged children with food , water and snacks to give them sense of belonging and hope for a living during this COVID 19 pandemic total lockdown.

This really gave them relieve, joy and put a smile on their face. Though our happiness was not complete because what we brought didn't go round because they were many. we really wished we had enough fund we would have done more than we did. We promised to visit them again and we would do much more better.

Certificate given to some widows who wanted certificate to help them seek for work in production company. Certificate was issued to them for free. On 22 February 2020

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond charity and care to the less privileged. We advocate for a good healthcare and a better lifestyle for the less privileged pregnant women and babies, children and girl child in poor communities..We are non -profit organization. Our objectives is To save lives, to change lives, to bring a better world for the less privileged women and children. To bring education to the girl child, to empower poor women with different skills to have a sustainable lifestyle and to stop maternal death to reduce the number of motherless children and girl child roaming around the streets getting into transactional sex..