Free Healthcare Center

Free Healthcare Center

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( Building a standard healthcare center for the less privileged pregnant women and babies, children and girl child. This healthcare center will serve Over 5 community in Abuja.

This Healthcare center will put an end to the ERA where the less privileged women and babies, children and girl child loose their lives for an illness that just #5000 or $13 would have cured.

This project is the BEST gift support you can give to every less privileged woman and baby, child,or girl child in Abuja Nigerian

This will provide a standard healthcare center for over 5 community in FCT Abuja With a FREE ACCESS to a regular HEALTHCARE and VACCINES.

Most of this less privileged women give birth at home due to POVERTY and No HEALTH education which result into many having complications during and after child birth of heavy bleeding, preeclampsia and eclampsia caused by high blood pressure or hypertension and this complications are the causes of MATERNAL death.

Also Most babies die due to no proper healthcare. No vaccines was given to them after birth. And this are the cause of CHILD MORTALITY.

Support fageligoodHALF to END MATERNAL DEATH and CHILD MORTALITY of the poor and the less privileged in our society.


This project will serve the local community in FCT abuja, where the poorest and less privileged women will attend free healthcare services pregnancy and till child birth. This will also serve as a Rehabilitation center for girls and women who have no husband and no hope to care for their babies, we will give them proper care and counseling for 6 weeks after which we will be empowering with skills and fund to start a. New life. This project will educate them on family care and child spacing , it will also bring sense of belonging to this less privileged women

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